Curry powder and Puliyogare

There’s no such thing. I mean, I know they sell little bottles of something labeled “curry powder”, but that’s mostly turmeric and cumin. I hadn’t heard of curry powder till I moved to the US. So if you want to cook authentic Indian food, the first thing you need to do is throw that bottle of curry powder away. If you must use an all-purpose spice, use garam masala instead. Remember, it needs to be cooked.
Puliyogare, or tamarind rice, is one of my most favorite things to eat. It’s super quick, because I use the MTR Puliyogare mix, available at any decent Indian grocery. Just cook some rice, heat some oil, add a spoonful of the mix, cook a couple of minutes, take off the heat and stir into the rice. Eat with yogurt, it’s good. It’s also spicy, and the yogurt helps.
It can really stink up the house while you’re cooking it, though. Hence it’s nickname in our house, “stinky rice”. But so good.
Have you thrown that curry powder away yet?