restaurant review: The Thai Spice

 This is not, of course, a recipe, but it’s about food in a way so it’s going in.

The OH and I decided  to go out and eat last night. We tried to visit the HuHot (cheesecake rangoon is something special) but it was too crowded, so we decided to try something in town instead. We were starving and exhausted, so the ensuing experience felt even worse than it might have had we been more cheerful to begin with.

We decided to eat at The Thai Spice, which is a nice, decent-sized restaurant in IC. Bad decision. I’ve eaten there before, and the food was very good, and that didn’t change. Food does not a restaurant experience make, though.

So it being a Friday night, and we having no reservations, we had a fifteen minute wait. The friendly young man who ended up serving us (and he remained polite and very friendly throughout) asked us if we would like water. We said we would, gratefully. It never came.

Then he offered us immediate seating if we were willing to share a larger table with some other people. We were really hungry, so we said okay. As it turned out, no one else wanted to share, so we had this big table all to ourselves. But it  was right near the door and the kitchen, so it was an unhappy spot, right in the middle of all the bustle. And there was bustle. It was not a relaxing experience.

I sat down, and realized my chair was broken. Okay. I got another one. Another fifteen minutes later, someone came to take our order. We ordered egg rolls, vegetable yellow curry, and the chef’s special sweet and sour with pork for the OH.

Another fifteen minutes later, we got the food. It was a busy night, so that wasn’t too bad a turnover. The OH said his sweet and sour was excellent, as was my yellow curry. I don’t know if the egg rolls were any good,  because we never got them. I guess they forgot.

They didn’t forget to charge us for them, though. So we sent the check back. I still had some curry left, so I asked the young man for a box, and he went in to get one. Came back with a new check, picked up my curry, and took it away. I never saw it again.

We went out for a nice, relaxing dinner. What we got was good food, but utterly frazzled nerves. Plus, we didn’t get all the food we wanted,  and they took away my food whenI didn’t want them to. As you might understand, we’re not very pleased with our experience.

In my ideal restaurant experience, things happen quickly and efficiently around you without it looking like everyone is hurried and worrying.

On a scale of one to five:

Food: *****

Service: *

Ambiance:  *** (nice place, crappy table)

Overall experience: **

I’m not sure we will go back. There’s a better Thai restaurant closer to home. The worst thing they ever did to us was make us wait twenty extra minutes on a busy night for our takeout.  I always get my egg rolls there.