Fun with beetroots

I’m committed to putting all my experiments down here, with the idea that someone might like them.

The problem with the beetroot day was, as I discovered, I don’t like beets cooked this way, or raw. Yes, yes, I know this is something I should have known before I tried, but how else would I know? However, it was all very pretty.

Beetroot salad with really simple orange dressing: Boil the beets. Save the water. Dice. In a bowl, squeeze one orange, add salt and pepper, 1/4 tsp ground mustard, and some orange zest. (I ground yellow mustard seeds in a coffee grinder to get the ground mustard). Add a tbsp of sweet almond oil (or olive, or canola, or whatever) and mix. Drop in the beets and stir again. Chill. This wasn’t too bad, and if you like beets, you might enjoy it.

Jewel Yams in beet sauce: Okay, I know this sounds terrible already, but what to do, as they say where I come from. The urge to make everything this pretty purple would not be denied. I chopped some onions and tomatoes, fried ’em up, added the bright red water I boiled the beets in for the salad, added some rosemary, thyme, and salt, and let it cook. Meanwhile, I peeled and diced the yam and microwaved it on high for ten minutes (or till soft). Ladled the sauce into a plate and placed the yams on up.

It was sure pretty, though.