Humane food

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I put into my body, and I’m glad I’m not a meat-eater. I see in the news that sick cows, severely maltreated, get slaughtered for food. The maltreatment is bad enough, but really, eating beef from sick animals? Doesn’t that gross you out? A reliable informant tells me that this is standard practice in many dairy farms as well – send the old or sick cows to slaughter. “Old” may be misleading. Apparently cows are only good for dairy farming for about three years, after which they are no use anymore. And they aren’t exactly put to pasture after.

Cows aren’t always treated that well in the dairies, either. So I’ve been questing for “certified humane” dairy products here in IC.  Either Iowa is not on the radar, or there are no CHRH products here. The best I’ve been able to do is Horizon yogurt, which state that they have “respectful” farming practices. However, they also say that, while they treat sick cows (not with antibiotics), once it is cured they “permanently remove” it from the milking herd. I’d like to know where it goes, after.

I know Radiance Dairy in Fairfield is supposed to be a good place to be a cow, and the milk and yogurt from there are really, really good. But we don’t have a car (aren’t we environmentally-friendly), the bus doesn’t go there, and Fairfield isn’t quite next door.

So if you know of any place where I can get CHRH dairy in Iowa City, do write in and let me know!