CSA 27 May 2009, canning, etc.

Looks like this week’s CSA will contain much of the same stuff as last week – lettuce, tatsoi, green onions, pak choi, rhubarb, and garlic chives – with the addition of spinach, and with basil instead of oregano. Which, by the way, I sun-dried last week, and packed away in a Ziploc bag. I plan to rehydrate it when I use it. I will probably do the same with the basil.

We made a couple of highly successful stir-fries with the vegetables. Lettuce works wonderfully in a stir-fry. Just wash, chop into rough strips, and throw in at the end. Stir, and let it wilt a bit. It tasted great. Our first stir-fry recipe was vastly improved, actually, with the addition of lettuce, and also some baby corn, water chestnusts, and red pepper. We did use peanut sauce again, though now I am going to try to make my own, instead of using store-bought. It is very expensive.

We might buy some other stuff at the farmer’s market where we go to pick up our CSA share. The thing I like about doing the CSA is what most people dislike about it – all the lovely new vegetables that I wouldn’t otherwise have tried. I do realize how difficult it can be to cook veggies you’ve never encountered before, so I plan to experiment with different recipes and will post them here.

The other thing we are thinking about doing is canning, making preserves, etc. I am completely new to this – I have never done it before. However, I am going to try. There’s a couple of things I need to figure out, though. First, how to make low-sugar or no-sugar preserves. And second, I have read that people don’t like to use store-bought pectin. I want to know why, and what they do instead. So, if you have any ideas, do let me know.