CSA June 3 2009

What’s in the bag this week?

Baby kale, baby spinach, head lettuce, the little purple lettuce, green onions, and radishes. Extras were savory, which we’re going to bake into bread, and lovage, which I am still figuring out, but will feature in tonight’s stir-fry. It smells wonderful. It has a smell of celery about it, and our CSA farmer suggested to us that we drink Bloody Marys through the hollow stem 🙂

I don’t drink much, but that sounds like fun for someone who likes Bloody Marys.

In addition to the CSA bag, we bought some yellow tomatoes and some cilantro.

The Other Half is going to use some of the lettuce and the yellow tomatoes in a BLT, the B also bought at the farmer’s market.

Time for me to go cook dinner!

Edit: Go easy on the lovage…the leaves are slightly bitter, and too many don’t work. Try dropping them in whole and removing them when your food is cooked. Great flavor and smell, not so much on the taste.