The First Harvest

Here are some pictures of the tomatoes in my garden.

Purple Cherokee

That is a picture of the Purple Cherokee plant. Sadly, we lost that tomato and the next one to ripen to birds or squirrels or something. I devised a solution that has worked so far. I took them off the plant and set them down next to it. The little scavengers go for those instead, and leave the ones on the plant alone.

early girl

That is the Early Girl. That one is doing quite well now – we have got quite a few tomatoes off it, and they are rich, flavorful paste tomatoes. I don’t think I would use them in a salad, but they work very well in curries.

the crop

That is our first harvest. I’d been pulling the tomatoes off a little early, sadly, so the little thieves didn’t get to them. Since I set the decoy tomatoes down, though, I’ve been able to leave them on until they are ripe. At the top are the tomatillos, washed and ready. The red one on the side, and the orange one next to it, are Early Girls. I let the orange one ripen on the countertop and it did okay. the big one is the Purple Cherokee, which has a splendid flavor. The green ones are Green Zebras, which are tangy and lovely raw. The little yellow cherry ones are off a plant my CSA gave to us with our first share. It is a stellar producer of very tasty and sweet tomatoes. As tomatoes go.