Vegetable Momos with Red Chili Paste

Momos. Dimsums. Potstickers. I’ve heard all these terms used, and I don’t know what the difference is. Where I come from, they’re called momos, and the best kind were the ones you could get at the Yashwant Place market near Chanakya cinema in Delhi.

Heads up: I’m still figuring out my dough recipe, so I used store-bought wonton wrappers which were splendid.

For the filling: 1 carrot; 1 medium-sized red onion; 5 small green onions; 2 sticks celery; 1 small bell pepper; 2 small bok choy; 1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce; 2 tbsp oil

How to: Julienne all the vegetables (cut them into very small, thin pieces). Heat the oil in a large wok or kadhai. Throw in the red onion and cook for a few minutes. Then add the carrots and peppers and cook some more. After a couple of minutes, add the celery and green onions. Stir and cook 2-3 more minutes. Add the soy sauce and let it simmer for 5-7 minutes.

Follow the instructions on the wonton wrapper package to fill and cook the momos. If you boil the momos, add a little oil to the water. It might help with the sticking. I did not pan-fry mine after dunking them in hot water.

For the red chili paste: 3-4 dried red chilies, 3-4 tbsp cider vinegar, 2 tbsp garlic.

How to: put it all in a food processor and blend it into a coarse paste.

Put a wee bit of the red chili paste on a momo, dip in soy sauce, and enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Vegetable Momos with Red Chili Paste

  1. i tried this recipe…first of all the taste was not identical… secondly, onions added an unwanted sweetness to it and the chutney didnot tase like it usually tastes when you buy it out from outside…

    • thanks for stopping by. as far as the onions go, i suspect that really depends on the variety you use. if you use a sweet variety, it will taste sweet. as for the chutney, i was satisfied with it, but if you have a recipe that you like better, please do post it here and i would love to try it.

  2. Also, I do have to mention that I was not trying for a taste “identical” to, say, the yashwant place momos. one of the main points of this blog is to try to cook food i enjoy with the limited resources available to me here in small-town Midwestern America, and I often give them my own twist. That said, I really would be happy to try this another way, so do feel free to offer some suggestions.

  3. no offence 🙂
    and my version of chilli dip is inspired by all the recipes i have seen till date on net..
    they include:
    peeled and seeded tomatoes: fried
    garlic: fried
    ginger: raw
    chilly flakes
    coriander leaves
    all processed in a processer

    these ALSO go well with you version of vegetable momos..

    I also wanted a tip from u.. one of my friends likes you recipe. cam she steam them in an idli maker??

    pls reply.. 🙂

  4. i will certainly try that chilli dip, and it also sounds like it would be great with idlis! as for steaming them in an idli maker, i have not tried it, but i don’t see why not. potstickers are often steamed in bamboo steamers, so i’m fairly sure it should work with an idli steamer. you might have to experiment a little to see how long it takes to cook the dough.

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