Rice (Basic recipe)

It occurred to me that I should put a basic rice recipe on here. The thing is, the cooking time and water required varies greatly by variety of rice, so this is a little difficult. I’m going to put down how we cook it, and let you experiment. If you have rice:water proportions on your rice packet, follow those instead. Timings vary by microwave, so you have to figure out what works best for your microwave.

White Rice: For every 1 cup of rice, add 2.5 cups of water (2 if you are using a pressure cooker). Cook for 20-25 minutes on high in the microwave, or for two whistles in the cooker. If you are using basmati, cook for 10-12 minutes on high in the microwave.

Brown rice: For every 1 cup or rice, add 3 cups water. Cook for 35-45 minutes in the microwave until rice is done. Depending on your variety, brown rice tends to stay a little nutty and doesn’t cook as soft as white rice.