Cranberry and Sweet Pepper Risotto

Here’s the original recipe.


2 thoughts on “Cranberry and Sweet Pepper Risotto

  1. Heyyy
    Waiting for you to post something new, it’s been a while!
    I loved your aloo shimla mirch recipe! it turns out fantastic everytime i try it!!

    Hope you haven’t stopped blogging 🙂 please post something new soon 🙂

    • thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement! I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with some other stuff recently, but I hope to get back to this blog soon and post new recipes. I’ve got some new directions I’ve been working on, and a few new recipes to try out before I can blog them. I’m glad you like the aloo shimla mirch recipe. It’s one of my favorite recipes, and also the most recipe with the most hits on this blog 🙂

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