Hindi/English/Tamil Glossary

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Hindi English                                           Tamil

Aam                                Mango                                           Maampazham

Adrak                             Ginger                                           inji

Aloo                                potato                                            urulaikazhangu

Hing                               Asafetida                                       perungayam

baingan                          eggplant/brinjal/aubergine       katharikai

Besan                             Chick pea flour                             kadalai maavu

chana                              chick peas/garbanzo beans       kadalai

dal                                   lentils                                            paruppu

dhania                            cilantro/coriander leaves           kothamali

sabut dhania                 coriander seeds                            kothamali verai

Ghee                              Clarified butter                             nei

Haldi                              turmeric                                        manjapodi

hari mirch                     green chili                                      pachai molagai

jeera                              cumin seeds                                    jeeragam

kadipatta                      curry leaves                                    karuvapilai

kali mirch                     black pepper                                   molagu podi

kali mirch, sabut         peppercorns                                    molagu

knol khol/ganth gobi  kohl rabi                                          knol khol

lal mirch                       red chili powder                             molagai podi

cayenne pepper

lal mirch, sabut          dried red chilies                             vatha molagai

Lasan                          Garlic                                               poondu

Lauki                          Bottle gourd                                    Sorakkai

Methi                         fenugreek (leaves)                         mendhiya keerai

sabut methi              fenugreek seeds                              mendhiyam

Nariyal                      Coconut                                            thengai

Nimbu                       Lemon                                             elimichapazham

Paalak                       Spinach                                            Keerai

Pyaaz                        Onion                                              vengayam

Rajma                       red kidney beans                                 –

Sarson                      mustard seeds                               kadagu

Sarson saag             Mustard leaves                               kadagu keerai

Seviyan/Semiya     Vermicelli                                        semiya

Shakarkand              Sweet potato                                 shakaraivelikazhangu

Sooji                           Semolina                                       Rava

Imli                            Tamarind                                     Puli

Tamatar                    Tomato                                        thakkali

Tindli                         ivy gourd? I don’t know            kovakkai


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  1. hey great job , u could add

    Palak- spinach- Keerai
    Besan-Chick pea flour-Kadala maav

    Ghee-Clarified butter-Nei

      • Sorry! The prval is different. It is more like Kovaikaai, called Kunduru or tindora but bigger in size about double or tripple with white lines having both ends conical. Snake gourds have minimum length of 1 feet to a max of 6 feet

    • sarson ka saag is a side dish for makai ki roti ( chapathis made out of corn flour). It is prepared with leaves of mustard leaves and black gram in Northern India and is a good combination for Makai ki roti

    • Hey Akshaya,

      Here are a few..

      Lauki – sorakkai
      Sarson Saag – kadugu Keerai
      Tindli – kovakkai


    • Lauki – Chorakkai – Dudhi in Hindi
      Parval- Parikkari – Bitter Gourd
      Sarson saag – Kaduku elai ( kaduku keerai)
      Tondli – Kovakkai

  2. Hi Akshaya,
    I think tinda, as far as I know is tinda only. I’ve added the rest. I’ll double-check on the tinda with someone whose Tamil is better than mine 🙂

      • Dondaika or dhondakaya is telugu.. it is the telugu equivalent for kovakka in tamil; tindora in hindi and ivy gourd in english.

        i dont think i’ve ever seen tinda in chennai.

  3. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me what is the hindi or indian equivalent for Collard Greens? Is this a single vegetable or a vegetable group?

  4. Julee, I’ll find out and add it.
    Atanu, as far as I can tell, and I’ve looked, the only Indian word for collard greens is haak in Kashmiri. I believe they are indigenous to that region, but don’t grow anywhere else in the country. Collard greens are part of the cabbage family, and are a single vegetable, so to speak – a bunch, like spinach.
    If you are in India, and can’t find haak, you could try substituting spinach or some other greens used in saag.

  5. Can anyone please say me the names in english for ponnan kanni keerai, passalai keerai, pullachai keerai & parandai

  6. Can u tell me the Indian (Hindi/ Tamil) name for Tarragon, Pinto beans, Lima beans?

  7. it’s a nice site but plz add some more names of vegetables and fruit
    like bhindi is called okra as well as lady’s finger which is more correct to use add such points also it’d be gud for beginners like me

    • A – வரிசை
      APPLE – அரத்திப்பழம், குமளிப்பழம்

      APRICOT – சர்க்கரை பாதாமி

      AVOCADO – வெண்ணைப் பழம்

      B – வரிசை

      BANANA – வாழைப்பழம்

      BELL FRUIT – பஞ்சலிப்பழம்

      BILBERRY – அவுரிநெல்லி

      BLACK CURRANT – கருந்திராட்சை, கருங்கொடிமுந்திரி

      BLACKBERRY – நாகப்பழம்

      BLUEBERRY – அவுரிநெல்லி

      BITTER WATERMELON – கெச்சி

      BREADFRUIT – சீமைப்பலா, ஈரப்பலா

      C – வரிசை

      CANTALOUPE – மஞ்சள் முலாம்பழம்

      CARAMBOLA – விளிம்பிப்பழம்

      CASHEWFRUIT – முந்திரிப்பழம்

      CHERRY – சேலா(ப்பழம்)

      CHICKOO – சீமையிலுப்பை

      CITRON – கடாரநாரத்தை


      CITRUS AURANTIUM – கிச்சிலிப்பழம்

      CITRUS MEDICA – கடரநாரத்தை

      CITRUS RETICULATA – கமலாப்பழம்

      CITRUS SINENSIS – சாத்துக்கொடி

      CRANBERRY – குருதிநெல்லி

      CUCUMUS TRIGONUS – கெச்சி

      CUSTARD APPLE – சீத்தாப்பழம்

      D – வரிசை

      DEVIL FIG – பேயத்தி

      DURIAN – முள்நாரிப்பழம்

      E – வரிசை

      EUGENIA RUBICUNDA – சிறுநாவல்

      F – வரிசை

      G – வரிசை

      GOOSEBERRY – நெல்லிக்காய்

      GRAPE – கொடிமுந்திரி, திராட்சைப்பழம்

      GRAPEFRUIT – பம்பரமாசு

      GUAVA – கொய்யாப்பழம்

      H – வரிசை

      HANEPOOT – அரபுக் கொடிமுந்திரி

      HARFAROWRIE – அரைநெல்லி

      I – வரிசை

      J – வரிசை

      JACKFRUIT – பலாப்பழம்

      JAMBU FRUIT – நாவல்பழம்

      JAMUN FRUIT – நாகப்பழம்

      K – வரிசை

      KIWI – பசலிப்பழம்

      L – வரிசை

      LYCHEE – விளச்சிப்பழம்

      M – வரிசை

      MANGO FRUIT – மாம்பழம்

      MANGOSTEEN – கடார முருகல்

      MELON – வெள்ளரிப்பழம்

      MULBERRY – முசுக்கட்டைப்பழம்

      MUSCAT GRAPE – அரபுக் கொடிமுந்திரி

      N – வரிசை

      O – வரிசை

      ORANGE – தோடைப்பழம், நரந்தம்பழம்

      ORANGE (SWEET) – சாத்துக்கொடி

      ORANGE (LOOSE JACKET) – கமலாப்பழம்

      P – வரிசை

      PAIR – பேரிக்காய்

      PAPAYA – பப்பாளி

      PASSIONFRUIT – கொடித்தோடைப்பழம்

      PEACH – குழிப்பேரி

      PERSIMMON – சீமைப் பனிச்சை


      PLUM – ஆல்பக்கோடா

      POMELO – பம்பரமாசு

      PRUNE – உலர்த்தியப் பழம்

      Q – வரிசை

      QUINCE – சீமைமாதுளை, சீமைமாதுளம்பழம்

      R – வரிசை

      RAISIN – உலர் கொடிமுந்திரி, உலர் திராட்சை

      RASPBERRY – புற்றுப்பழம்

      RED BANANA – செவ்வாழைப்பழம்

      RED CURRANT – செந்திராட்சை, செங்கொடிமுந்திரி

      S – வரிசை

      SAPODILLA – சீமையிலுப்பை

      STAR-FRUIT – விளிம்பிப்பழம்

      STRAWBERRY – செம்புற்றுப்பழம்

      SWEET SOP – சீத்தாப்பழம்

      T – வரிசை

      TAMARILLO – குறுந்தக்காளி

      TANGERINE – தேனரந்தம்பழம்

      U – வரிசை

      UGLI FRUIT – முரட்டுத் தோடை

      V – வரிசை

      W – வரிசை

      WATERMELON – குமட்டிப்பழம், தர்பூசணி

      WOOD APPLE – விளாம்பழம்

      • hai nice effort some fruits such as gooseberry,jambu fruit if u search images for this the result varies it is not showing the naval pazham or the nellikkai.plz search and see and reply if u the result plz

  8. Hi Keya,
    Thanks. This page is actually the most neglected, perhaps because it needs the most work! My apologies to those of you whose queries I have not yet replied to – I will as soon as I can. Keya, bhindi is called lady finger in India and, I think, in the UK, but it is called okra in the US. So it depends on where you are.

  9. please tell me the names of lima beans,pinto beans,spilt peas and canberry bean called in hindi

  10. Hi you can add Tamil for
    spinach – pasalai keerai
    Yogurt – curd
    Blueberry – avurinelli
    Almonds- Badam
    Aamchur- Maangai thool
    Amarnath- Thandu Keerai
    Aniseed- Sombu
    Apple- Applepazham
    Asafoetida- Perungayam
    Ash Gourd- Poosni kai
    Barley- Barliarisi
    Basil- Elumichan tulasi
    Bay Leaf- Talishapattari
    Beef- Mattu eraichi
    Beetroot- Beet
    Bell Pepper- Kodimilagai
    Bengal gram- Kothukadalai
    Bengal gram (split)- kadalai paruppu
    Bengal Gram flour- Kadalai mavu
    Bitter gourd- Pavakkai
    Black eyed beans- Narippayir
    Black gram- Ulutham parippu
    Black gram (split)- ulutham parippu
    Black peppercorns- Milagu
    Blackberry- Naga pazham
    Bombay duck- Vangara vasi
    Bottle gourd- Suraikai
    Brinjal- Kathirikai
    Broad Beans- Avarai
    Butter- Vennai
    Buttermilk- Moru
    Cabbage- Muttaikose
    Capsicum- Kodimilagai
    Caraway seed- sombu
    Cardamom- Elakkai
    Carrot- Mangal mullangi
    Cashewnuts- Mundiriparuppu
    Cauliflower- Kovipoo
    Cinnamon- Lavang pattai
    Cloves- Krambu
    Chick peas- Kodai Kadalai
    Chicken- Kozhi
    Cluster beans- Kothavarangai
    Coconut- Thenga
    Coconut milk- Thenga pal
    Colacassia- Seppan kizhangu
    Colocassia leaves- Seppam ilaigal
    Coriander leaves- Kothamalli
    Coriander Seeds- Kothamalli vidai
    Corn Makka- cholam
    Cow peas- Karamani
    Crab- Nandu
    Cream Paal- Aadai
    Cumin- Seeragam
    Cucumber- Kakkarikai
    Cumin seeds- Jeeagam
    Curd- Thayir
    Curry leaves- Kariveppilai
    Custard apple- Seetha azham
    Dates- Pericham pazham
    Drumstick- Murungakkai
    Dry Dates- Pericham Pinju
    Dry Ginger- Chukk
    Egg- Muttai
    Fenugreek leaves- Venthiya Keera
    Fig- A tti pazham
    French beans- Beans
    Garlic- Ulipoondu
    Gherkins- Kovakkai
    Gingely seeds- Ellu
    Ginger- Inji
    Grapes- Draksha
    Green chilli- Pachai Milagai
    Green gram (whole)- Pasipayir
    Groundnuts- Nilakkadala
    Guava- Pala pazham
    Honey- Then
    Jackfruit- Pilapinju
    Jaggery- Vellam
    Lady Finger- Vendakkai
    Lemon (sweet)- Kolinchi pazham
    Lime- E lumichai
    Linseed seeds- Alivirai
    Liver Semmari- attin eeral
    Lotus stem- Thamarathandu
    Mace- Jathipatri
    Maize- Makka cholam
    Mango- Manga
    Mango (ripe)- Mam pazham
    Melon musk- Mulam pazham
    Milk- Paal
    Mustard Seeds- Kadugu
    Nutmeg- Jaathikaai
    Oil- Ennai
    Poppy seeds- Kasa Kasa
    Rice- Arrisi
    Tamarind- Puli
    Thickened Milk- Paal kova
    Turmeric- Manjal
    Saffron- Kunkuma Poo
    Salt- Uppu
    Semolina- Ravai
    Sesame seeds- Ellu
    Split chick peas- Kadalai Paruppu
    Sugar- Sarkarai
    Wheat- Godhumai

    • excuse me that’s not amarnath the correct word is amaranthus ie thandukeerai. plz check twice or thrice and publish children are also reading it and they gain nothing

      • Binu,
        This is a collaborative page. If you feel something is incorrect, please feel free to step in and suggest a correction. However, do remember that for familial or cultural reasons, people often have different names for the same thing, and all those names might find their way here. This does not necessarily make them wrong.
        Also, I will moderate what goes on this page only to the extent that rude or inappropriate comments will not appear. Other than that, people contribute as they see fit, other people use or do not use their contributions, and it’s up to the user to check the accuracy of their statements. Running this page would be a full-time job, and I already have one of those. As I said, this glossary is a collaborative effort, with people contributing from all over the world. This is wonderful, and I think that children (and adults) learn a lot from the page. So even if some of the words are “wrong”, or not what you are used to hearing, I don’t think that children “gain nothing” from it. There is certainly a community developing around this glossary, and that can never be a bad thing. We all learn from each other.
        Thanks for visiting.

    • wat wil be d tamil name for these ?
      dried apricots
      snow peas

    • hello anybody put photo with the tamil vegetable naMES FOR PIRKANGAI,NUL KOL ETC

    • Great work Mr. Thangaraju….

      but few corrections…
      apple is known as seemai ilandhampazham in Tamil
      Guava is known as koyya pazham in Tamil

      • Dear Sir
        Araththippazham is Tamil traditional name for Apple Fruit.
        The medicinal liquid substance “Apple Cider Vinegar” in Tamil is “araththikkaadi” (அர‌த்திக்காடி) (kaadi/காடி means vinegar).

  11. Thanks for all your comments, especially yours, Thangaraju! I’ll leave it as is, as you have written so much. Perhaps more than I did. I hope this page will become a collaborative project!

  12. That is, a collaboration with everyone out there – please feel free to jump in with anything I have missed.

  13. Highly informative. A small correction. Against Guava you have mentioned Pala Pazham, the correct name is Koyya Pazham.

  14. Sorakkai – Lauki
    Indian Baby Pumpkin – Tinda
    pudalankaai – Parval
    peerkankai – Sarson Saag
    kovakkai – Tindli

    • pudalankai is not parval and peerkankai is not sarson ka saag. sarson ka saag is mustard greens.

    • Hi Raksith,
      Jowar is called Sorghum in English. and in Tamil it is called kakka cholam. Small round cereas which we feed the doves and also we cam make roti out of it.

      • Sugapriya,

        Jowar is not Javvarisi .. its a kinda of Cholam ..
        Jowar is verymuch a seedlike wheat,maize etc..Whereas Javvarisi is ‘made’from tappoicca roots..

    • Hi Mohideen
      The English name for Nellikkai is Amla or Indian Gooseberries, and podalangai is snake gourd

  15. apple = araththippazham
    in Tamil

    celery =
    sivarikkeerai in Tamil

    beetroot =
    senkizhangu or akkaarakkizhangu in Tamil

    cauliflower = poongosu or pookkosu in Tamil

  16. In many references jamun is referred as Blackberry. Jamun grows in tropical climates and is fruit of a large tree, Black berries grow on thorny bushes in temperate climates. Black berry has small seeds which wedge between teeth. In comparison jamun fruites and seeds are large. I can search and give you botanical names and pictures but at this stage this may not be essential

    • it may be “varah(g)u”. That is also called as “kelvarah(g)u”. it is nothing but “millet”

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