Hindi/English/Tamil Glossary

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Hindi English                                           Tamil

Aam                                Mango                                           Maampazham

Adrak                             Ginger                                           inji

Aloo                                potato                                            urulaikazhangu

Hing                               Asafetida                                       perungayam

baingan                          eggplant/brinjal/aubergine       katharikai

Besan                             Chick pea flour                             kadalai maavu

chana                              chick peas/garbanzo beans       kadalai

dal                                   lentils                                            paruppu

dhania                            cilantro/coriander leaves           kothamali

sabut dhania                 coriander seeds                            kothamali verai

Ghee                              Clarified butter                             nei

Haldi                              turmeric                                        manjapodi

hari mirch                     green chili                                      pachai molagai

jeera                              cumin seeds                                    jeeragam

kadipatta                      curry leaves                                    karuvapilai

kali mirch                     black pepper                                   molagu podi

kali mirch, sabut         peppercorns                                    molagu

knol khol/ganth gobi  kohl rabi                                          knol khol

lal mirch                       red chili powder                             molagai podi

cayenne pepper

lal mirch, sabut          dried red chilies                             vatha molagai

Lasan                          Garlic                                               poondu

Lauki                          Bottle gourd                                    Sorakkai

Methi                         fenugreek (leaves)                         mendhiya keerai

sabut methi              fenugreek seeds                              mendhiyam

Nariyal                      Coconut                                            thengai

Nimbu                       Lemon                                             elimichapazham

Paalak                       Spinach                                            Keerai

Pyaaz                        Onion                                              vengayam

Rajma                       red kidney beans                                 –

Sarson                      mustard seeds                               kadagu

Sarson saag             Mustard leaves                               kadagu keerai

Seviyan/Semiya     Vermicelli                                        semiya

Shakarkand              Sweet potato                                 shakaraivelikazhangu

Sooji                           Semolina                                       Rava

Imli                            Tamarind                                     Puli

Tamatar                    Tomato                                        thakkali

Tindli                         ivy gourd? I don’t know            kovakkai


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  1. hey…can u help me with ….

    bean curd
    wheat gluton
    water chest nuts….

    hindi names for the above mentioned stuff…all used for prep chinese food….

  2. @hariprasad – are you talking about ber (Hindi name)? It is called Indian jujube, I think, in English. I might be wrong
    @kinnari: bean curd is tofu, I don’t know the Hindi name for that, but you could probably get it in larger groceries in India. I’ve seen it in Delhi.
    Wikipedia (the source of all wisdom!) says about shallot that “Indian names are Ek-kanda-lasun or Gandana (Hindi, Marwari and Punjabi) or Gundhun (Bengali).” If you are using it in a stir-fry recipe, I’m sure onions will do instead.
    Water chestnut is singhada – usually used peeled ad sliced.
    Depending on the recipe, you can leave off the wheat gluten. I would.

  3. Hey Guys,

    U all have done a great job. The only thing i want to confirm is that Collard green is HAAK (Kashmiri Saag). Being as Kashmiri i can confirm that and yes it grows only in Kashmir region and not even in Jammu but grow it by some scientific methods. It doesn’t taste or look like the Kashmiri Saag.

    Thank You All

  4. I know I haven’t kept up with your requests, and I will try to collate everything and respond ASAP. Thank you for your patience.

  5. Nice helpful list. One correction tho: Sarson Saag is Mustard Greens not spinach.

  6. Helpful list.Please add english name of following as soon possible
    2-Chana dal

  7. What you call Orange (fruit) in Tamil? and what is mean by Kamala Pazham in tamil? what is the difference if these 2 are different fruit names?

  8. Celery in Tamil is ‘Savarikkeerai’ or simply ‘Sallarikkeerai’.It is also called Ajmada all over India. The leaves are rich in protiens/ vitamins A and C and make an ideal salad with unique flavour while the seeds are used for topping up after sprouting ! The seeds are also rich in proteins and vitamins but are more particulary used as a medicine for managing Insomnia or as a nervine tonic for managing arthiritis.The Oil Extract has several medicinal uses including management of liver diseases.

    • nariyal is coconut. i don’t really know the hindi translation, isn’t that strange. i suppose it must be nariyal ka doodh, since it is not nariyal paani, but i don’t know that i have ever tried to buy it in hindi. i do know that you can get it in small yellow tetra packs in Delhi, but I have quite forgotten who makes it.

  9. what is tamil name of ‘cranberry’… u said as ‘kuruthinelli’.. i want local tamil name used for dis…

    • hi muhil,
      this entire page is filled with the names of various vegetables, grains, fruit, etc. from hindi to tamil to english and back again. so please do browse it. if there is something specific you are looking for which is not on the page, please post a query here and i am sure someone will reply to it soon. there is a very active community of helpful people who visit this page. thanks for stopping by!

  10. Good work guys..has greatly helped me as i have moved into chennai from delhi a few weeks back only..

  11. What are the tamil names of sage, tarragon, chervil, and parsley. please someone help me with these.

  12. What is the tamil name of Oregon and is it available in chennai, Tamilnadu

  13. Great Work Guys!!! Can you list the fiber content fruits in English and Tamil? Hope it will be highly useful.

  14. 1) What is Ragi (Bajra) called in English?
    Is it same as rye?
    If not,
    Next question- 2) what is Rye called in Tamil and Hindi?

  15. To all concerned……

    Every one knows that ‘Asafoetida’ means ‘Perungayam’ in Tamil. But I would like to add that Asafoetida is also known as ‘Devil’s dung’ in english too… Now if you look again the solid (not powdered) Asafoetida it really looks like ‘devil’s dung’. Thanks for letting you this funny tip.

  16. hi buddy pls add to tis 2 things also……………. ladies finger – vendaikai broom stick – murungakai

  17. Aamchur Maangai thool
    Colacassia Seppan kizhangu
    Amarnath Thandu Keerai
    Cow peas Karamani
    Aniseed Sombu
    Cumin Seeragam
    Ash Gourd Poosni kai
    Fenugreek Venthiya
    Barley Barliarisi
    Fig Athi Pazham
    Basil Elumichan tulasi
    Gherkins Kovakkai
    Bay Leaf Talishapattari
    Green gram (whole) Pasipayir
    Bell Pepper Kodimilagai
    Lemon (sweet) Kolinchi pazham
    Bengal gram Kothukadalai
    Lettuce Salathu
    Bengal gram (split) kadalai paruppu
    Lime Elumichai
    Bengal Gram flour Kadalai mavu
    Linseed seeds Alivirai

    Black eyed beans Narippayir
    Melon musk Mulam pazham
    Black gram Ulutham parippu
    Nutmeg Jaathikaai
    Black gram (split) ulutham parippu
    Poppy seeds Kasa Kasa
    Black peppercorns Milagu
    Semolina Ravai
    Blackberry Naga pazham
    Sesame seeds Ellu
    Bombay duck Vangara vasi
    Split chick peas Kadalai Paruppu
    Bottle gourd Suraikai
    Oregano Omum
    Broad Beans Avarai
    Walnut Nattua Krot Kottai
    Cinnamon Lavang pattai
    Mace Jathipatri
    Cloves Krambu
    Wheat flour Godumai Mavu
    Chick peas Kodai Kadalai
    Wheat flour (refined) Maidu mavu
    Cluster beans Kothavarangai
    Ragi Kizhvaragu & Milo Cholam

  18. hey this site is very interesting and useful too….can u plzzz give me the tamil name for avocado, ajwain….wats the english name for seppankizhangu (small, almost round shaped vegetable)…

    • No, they aren’t. At least not in the US. Bottle gourd is a kind of squash, what is called lauki in north India. You get many different kinds of squash in the US, including butternut squash, acorn squash, yellow squash, zucchini, etc. Here’s a fun link: http://whatscookingamerica.net/squash.htm. Some people use zucchini as a substitute for bottle gourd, though I prefer yellow squash instead. You should be able to get the bottle gourd at larger farmers’ markets or at indian stores.

  19. hey people great work very informative being a agro product exporter it was usefull to me thank guys

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