Cilantro (dhania) chutney that bites!

I thought I had already posted about this, but apparently I didn’t. We made this for a party, as dip, and it was good, though very spicy.

You need: 4 cups cilantro, (or two big bunches); 1 tbsp lemon juice; salt to taste; 2 cloves garlic, peeled; 1 habanero pepper (or how many ever of whichever chili peppers you like).

How to: coarsely chop the cilantro, pepper, and garlic, and throw everything (except the lemon juice) into a food processor. Blend well, adding a little water if necessary. Pour into a bowl add the lemon juice, and stir. It will keep in the fridge for 3-4 days.


An experiment for dinner

So I was wondering what to do about dinner. The Other Half seems to want tacos, which means I’m on my own and so I decided to experiment. The OH was baking bread (sourdough from scratch). He’s super good at it now. Anyway. What goes well with bread?
When I was a kid, every time my big sis and her friends had a party, chutney sandwiches were on the menu. I used to eat them as fast as they made them. While this did not make me very popular with my sister and her friends, it’s left me with a lasting, nostalgic love for chutney sandwiches.
So chutney sandwiches it was, along with the desire to experiment. I had avocados, peanuts, and cilantro as my non-mundane ingredients. So I:
1. Threw a handful of Planter’s dry roasted peanuts, some crushed red pepper, salt, a bunch of cilantro, and a little water into the food processor. And some lemon juice.
2. Mashed up an avocado and mixed it with the aforementioned blend.
I was a bit nervous, but it came out okay. I confess I prefer the old-fashioned dhania-pudina sandwiches (cilantro-mint), but it’s not too bad. Suggestions for tweaking it are welcome.
The bread has just left the oven and it looks fabulous. Bread, butter, and chutney. It’s all good.
In other news I am reading up about hydroponics. I have grand plans to try to grow hydroponic tomatoes. More on that later.